Army and the Cloud: Top Use Cases

Many federal agencies are shifting their strategies and mission goals to incorporate more cloud capabilities. One agency that embraced the cloud recently, is the United States Army. In this roundup, we showcase the Army and the cloud use cases that drove security, improved compliance, and sustained hybrid work environments.

Converged Databases Succeeds Siloed Single Purpose Databases

In the scope of cloud technology innovation, converged databases are becoming popular among developers. Nitin Vengurlekar, Chief Technology Strategist at Oracle Public Sector, commented that the struggle with previous siloed single-purpose databases is that they were “chosen based on the way that data was being accessed by individual applications…[With] service independence, using best-of-breed databases for each workload and data type led to silos of single-purpose databases.” This was challenging to get a full view of the databases. The shift to converged databases allows for multi-model, multitenant, and multi-workloads.

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On Being Cloud Smart: Oracle’s Pat Mungovan Shares His Insights

Pat Mungovan, Senior Vice President, Oracle North America Public Sector, shares his insight on digital transformation, pandemic response, and being cloud smart. “I think enterprise data management is at least as salient today as it has ever been – to connect people and processes that may exist in silos,” Mungovan said. “When you are focused on the mission, it’s hard to think about emergency preparedness. The critical nature of having an emergency plan and back-up, and knowing what to do, even in an unforeseen event, is important.” With cloud technologies, agencies can better plan for the future and prepare for any operation.

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The Army’s Enterprise Cloud Management Office Looks to Deliver Computing Resources around the World

Paul Puckett, appointed to the Senior Executive Service in 2019 and assuming the role of the director of the Enterprise Cloud Management Office, is helping to assist the Army CIO in the move to the cloud. “I’m able to influence policy and governance, but then I’m also able to strategize and then capabilities and deliver them for the United States Army,” said Puckett. Puckett and the Army CIO introduced cArmy, which is the “foundational security services that allow us to adopt commercial cloud services, meeting all DoD policy and governance in security.” The future focus of the Army is to adapt to the cloud environment and continue to transform.

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Army and the Cloud
Army and the Cloud

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