This Week In Security: F5 Twitter PoC, Certifried, And Cloudflare Pages Pwned

F5’s BIG-IP platform has a Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability: CVE-2022-1388. This one is interesting, because a Proof of Concept (PoC) was quickly reverse engineered from the patch and released on Twitter, among other places. Let’s drop CVE-2022-1388 PoC — 416e6e61 (@AnnaViolet20) May 9, 2022 researcher [James Horseman] wrote an explainer that sums … Read more

Development of high-durability single-atomic catalyst using industrial humidifier

May 13, 2022 (Nanwerk News) Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are an eco-friendly means of transportation that will replace internal combustion locomotives. FCEVs offer several advantages such as short charging time and long mileage. However, the excessive cost of platinum used as a fuel cell catalyst leads to limited supply of FCEVs. There has been … Read more

Really Get To Know Your Business Partners With a New Solution From Lithuania’s iDenfy

A new automated know your business (KYB) platform has been brought to the market by iDenfy. The business verification services of the Lithuanian identity verification and fraud prevention startup will offer custom automatisation in one API, allowing businesses to screen other companies and detect criminal activity more efficiently. iDenfy claims to have created the world’s … Read more

Clear Junction’s New E-Wallet Opens the Door for Open Banking Technology

The latest e-wallet solution to hit the market will reportedly enable open banking providers to overcome the various challenges they face when going to market. The e-wallet has been launched by the UK-based payments solutions provider Clear Junctionwhich has been developing an improved e-wallet solution that adds value to open banking providers specifically. Payment initiation … Read more

New MRI Nanotechnology can Potentially Enable Precise Targeting of High-Grade Brain Tumors

A novel technology designed to precisely image aggressive brain cancers and guide treatment is being developed by the University of South Australia and Australian cancer diagnostic company, Ferronova, potentially helping thousands of people who are diagnosed with the deadly condition each year. The new MRI nanotechnology targets a specific marker that is found in more … Read more