Theory, Practice, And Ducted Fans

About a year ago [Wyman’s Workshop] needed a fan. But not just a regular-old fan, no sir. A ducted fan. You know, those fancy fan designs where the stationary shroud is so close to the moving fan blades that there’s essentially no gap, and a huge gain in aerodynamic efficiency? At least in theory? Well, … Read more

3D Print Finishing By Spraying Glazing Putty

Finishing off 3D prints is a labor-intensive process, and getting a good looking, smooth surface suitable for painting takes a lot of time and plenty of practice. Deeper printing layer lines or minor surface defects can be smoother over with a variety of materials, from putties to resins, but the deeper the defect, the thicker … Read more

Car Shock Sensor Module Review

Across the web, there are countless designs for shock/vibration sensors for automobile antitheft alarms, door/window break detector alarms, and almost any other security alarm you can think of. Many are very crude, using nothing more elaborate than a cheap vibration sensor and a circuit for notification, while others are very expensive. A while ago, I … Read more

Will MiSTer Fool You Into Learning FPGAs?

What’s the killer app for FPGAs? For some people, the allure is the ultra-high data throughput for parallelizable tasks, which can enable some pretty gnarly projects. But what if you’re just starting out? How about 1980s style video games? The MiSTer FPGA project created a bit of FPGA hardware that makes it easy to build … Read more

9V Rechargeable Battery for Electric guitars

Since I’m starting to use more 9V rechargeable batteries, I thought it would be a good idea to build a simple 9V rechargeable battery for my friendly guitarist instead of having to urge him to look for and gather bunch of expensive 9V batteries day-to -day. The simplest way would be to make it with … Read more

UV Stain Finder Flashlight –

Ultraviolet (UV) stain finder flashlights come in all shapes and sizes. They are useful in a variety of ways. Black lights can help you spot urine stains, fake currency, or even deadly scorpions. Today you can buy inexpensive commercial UV stain spotter flashlights, but in this post, you can find some thoughts on making your … Read more