Geospatial Data Capture and Analysis with Drones: Part Three of 5G Use Cases for the DoD Podcast Series

While we hear a lot about drone usage in the commercial space, the Department of Defense (DoD) also uses drone technology in a variety of ways. From high-resolution models to 3D scene reconstruction, drones are being used to support our warfighters and provide better situational awareness with better geospatial data analysis – leading to improved mission outcomes.

With a new landscape of new geospatial development and defense applications on the horizon, 5G connectivity is coming into the forefront as a true enabler of helping ensure that a wide-range of drone data gets into the hands of decision-makers and warfighters in a timely manner.

These were the key themes in this third installment of the 5G Use Cases for the DoD podcast hosted on Government Technology Insider, where we were joined by Jason Barton, Technical Product Manager at Verizon, and Joe Sullivan, Founder and CEO of Mapware, formerly Aerial Applications, who discussed this topic further.

“The DoD is good at data,” said Barton. “They have a lot of it and have been collecting over the years and their processes and procedures have adapted and changed over time. However, the big thing we are seeing now is the need for real-time processing of the data. To do that, we need to move it somewhere equally fast so we can start that processing. So the network side is key, which is also connected to security, and the infrastructure to start that processing as soon as the data lands is key.”

Listen to the full podcast below:

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