All The Sticky Labels You Could Ever Need: No DRM, Just Masking Tape

Printable sticky labels are a marvelous innovation, but sadly also one beset by a variety of competing offerings, and more recently attempts by manufacturers to impose DRM on their media. Fortunately they don’t have to rely on expensive printers or proprietary rolls of stickies, as [michimartini] Demonstrations with the masking tape plotter. It’s a tiny … Read more

Solid-state Wigwag Controller – First light

A few weeks ago, while doing a random Google search, the search engine took me to the universe of aircraft electronics and I came across a funny device advertised as “Wig-Wag Flasher For Experimental Aircraft”! According to the seller’s description, one of the important functions of aircraft landing lights is to improve a plane’s visibility … Read more

Keep Space Alert –

It is essential in these days to maintain distance from others. However, it is not that easy to remember this every time or help those who are very close with others. This is a do it yourself extremely simple security alarm device that helps to keep safe social distancing! Using passive infrared (PIR) motion sensing … Read more

Defending Agency IT Environments With a Public/Private Partnership

The threat of cyberattack is clearly increasing. This increase signals the need for a broader strategy involving both the public and private sectors. For public sector organizations, partnering with the private sector can aid with defending agency IT infrastructure and environment and provide a roadmap for how the private and public sectors can effectively join … Read more

Simple Stir Plate –

If you ask a seasoned brewer for advice on improving your beer, one of the key things he/she is most likely to say is to make a yeast starter. An easy way to improve your yeast starter is to use a magnetic stir plate and stir bar during the fermentation of your starter. A constantly … Read more

Small Tachometer –

This Arduino based little digital tachometer was originally created for counting the speed of turntables and fidget spinners. There is another application to consider – a rear wheel tachometer for stationary bikes! The Motif I wanted to use a compact device to measure and display the speed of some orbiting wheels. I quickly created a … Read more

Arduino Sound Machine –

I am still receiving many requests to post an Arduino Sound Machine project. I think now is the right time to prepare a primer for beginners. First, keep your expectations low, as I don’t have anything new to share here. I just want to help you build a little voice generator project based on Arduino … Read more

LED Photocell and Arduino Magic

A Photocell is a transducer used to detect and measure light and other radiations. The principal aim of this article is to explore how to use a common LED as a photocell, employing an LED as a bidirectional device to send and receive light! LED as a light sensor In addition to emitting light, an … Read more

Workbench Li-ion Battery Charger –

A few weeks ago, I started collecting defunct laptop batteries, particularly the modern smart battery packs. These battery packs cannot be repaired by simply replacing the faulty 18650 lithium-ion cells with new cells. You can take the batteries apart and re-use them if you are lucky. Often, you’ll get half dozen 18650 single-cell Li-ion batteries. … Read more

A Raspberry Pi As An Offboard Display Adapter

The humble USB-C port has brought us so many advantages over its USB ancestors, one of which is as a handy display output for laptops. Simply add an inexpensive adapter and you can hook up everything from a mobile phone upwards to an HDMI display or projector. There’s a snag though, simply having USB-C is … Read more