State of Mississippi’s Strategy for Moving Forward with the American Rescue Plan

Last year, on March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law. Among other important measures this piece of legislation seeks to fund critical programs to drive economic recovery and to make the temporary fixes permanent through investment in modernization. As the pandemic continues to be a significant issue throughout the country, the $1.9 trillion plan lays out a framework to invest in America’s economic recovery. Industry experts discuss what it means moving forward in response to the American Rescue Plan.

Streaming Administration and Finance: American Rescue Plan Video Podcast

By investing in cloud infrastructure technology, state and local government agencies can streamline their administration and finance. These agencies will be able to better support and secure the “back-office” functions, which are critical to providing services, such as library books and property tax bills, for citizens. The cloud infrastructure will help agencies scale their systems to keep up with high volume demand while strengthening their security posture with built-in tools. The result of this modernization will be cloud-based HR that will “provide the government with better speed and integration for more rapid and efficient hiring,” said Oracle’s Sarjoo Shah, Industry Executive Director for State and Local Government.

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What They’re Saying: Experts, Government Officials on Mississippi’s Federal Stimulus Billions

In Mississippi, state and local officials determine the best way to spend over $2.7 billion in American Rescue Plan money. lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann commented that the funds will help to “replace water and sewer systems and [make] our image much better with tourism and addressing health and infrastructure…This is an opportunity for us that we will probably never have again…All politics is local, and individual municipalities and counties will make their decisions — they are closest to the ground on what they need. But what we are offering them is to perhaps double their money…Right now, we are more interested in long-term, generational matters.” Other constituents agree in strategically spending the money to support the state for years to come.

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Modernizing Unemployment Benefits: American Rescue Plan Video Podcast

Many individuals have been struggling with illness since the pandemic started. This has pressured state and local governments to deliver unemployment solutions at a rapid rate. The increase of unemployment requests puts stress on call centers and online systems, so agencies had to reexamine their processes and modernize their unemployment benefits. With the help of cloud infrastructure, the rapid shift to help citizens was attainable. The cloud-based systems were able to handle the high volume of requests. “The pandemic has taught us that the cloud can make unemployment claims processes flexible enough to scale applications and systems while also being managed remotely,” said William Sanders, Director of US and Canada Cloud Strategy for Oracle Government and Education.

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Moving Forward
Moving Forward

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