Step Three of the Network as a Service (NaaS) Journey for Government: The Final Part of the Podcast Series

Network as a Service (NaaS) makes government networks more agile and adaptable to changing circumstances at speed. In order to bring NaaS to life for government, there is a four step process, which is mapped out in this new three part podcast.

For step three in the NaaS journey, the new management network systems will become flexible, reliable, secure, and cloud-centric in the final stages of an agency’s transformation journey. This shift allows for application performance monitoring and full IT service management. Finally, the agency will progress to a full integration of automation and end-to-end experience monitoring. The real-time innovation at the fourth stage enables agencies to act more proactively and less reactive.

With complete versatility and full incorporation of wireless technology at scale, there will be a heightened focus on end-user experience enabled by IoT, AI, and ML. Managed network partners also help guide agencies along their NaaS transformation journey and to modernize their networks.

In the third and final installment of this Government Technology Insider podcast series, Brett Barganz, Product Manager at Verizon, and Scott Andersen, Distinguished Solution Architect Verizon, discuss how agencies can go from step three to step four in their NaaS journeys.

“In this final phase, an innovative network should offer incredible speed and capacity to all users – no matter their locations – with seamless transitions,” said Barganz. “The model should also be fully managed by your partner with a frictionless experience, and security should be full Zero Trust. Essentially, the network fades into the background and your partners are doing all of the work.”

Listen to the full podcast below:

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