Supporting the growth of cryptocurrency transaction with payments

Providing a seamless payment journey, with the options for customers to pay with their preferred local payment methods, is not only necessary for international crypto exchanges, but it is key to make trading easier and accelerate the speed and growth of crypto transactions. This, however, is easier said than done. Identifying all the major payment … Read more

The data around the transaction will become more valuable than the transaction itself

This principle is not a new one. Sometimes it is talked about in a different manner, but let’s consider how long data has been harped on about as the ‘next big thing’. It goes as far back as 2006 when Clive Humby shouted from that rooftop “Data is the new oil”. So we shouldnt be … Read more

Watch out latest Java technology trends for 2022

Java is one of the most demanded technologies right now. Whenever someone looks for the latest technology trends in programming languages, the name Java always comes on the list. Even though Java technology has been around for a long time, it still manages to remain intact and highly preferred for producing corporate software solutions like … Read more

Metaverse and Fintech

The word Metaverse is making highlights in the last few months. Many leading organizations have created metaverse environments or become part of one. Metaverse is an immersive Digital environment (Virtual World) where you can interact and transact. For eg Visiting a virtual mall and making purchases, attending an event / conference, Gaming etc. So, may … Read more

How intuitive spend management software can help businesses create agile, future-fit finance teams

Recently, ONS released its latest findings which showed that GDP grew by just 0.1% in February compared to 0.8% in January. From these figures, it is apparent that the cost-of-living crisis is now taking a hold not just on UK citizens but on its businesses – a shift that is likely to be the start … Read more

How can the Financial Services improve sustainability in the cloud? And why?

Whether it’s efficient customer support, open banking or business analysis, data is fundamental to today’s Financial Services sector. But with the rising importance of data comes calls for more sustainable practices globally. While it’s easy to think of planes or agriculture when discussing our carbon footprint – because these elements exist in the physically world … Read more

Why Complex Cross-Border Payments Need Simple UX Design

The global ecommerce market for merchants promises so many opportunities, but with such fierce competition and consumers getting more demanding than ever, the challenges of trying to increase cross-border sales are only getting harder. It’s hard enough to drag down the cart abandonment rate for domestic customers, never mind those in other markets. So much … Read more

How to tackle crypto regulations, with Shelley Schachter-Cahm

Last week, I’ve posted here about our conversation with Stephanie Feldt, Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel at Today, I’ll share insights provided by Shelley Schachter-Cahm, Chief Compliance Officer at She has a vast experience in Financial Services compliance, ranging from banking to payments, and now crypto. The role of compliance We asked … Read more

Fintech And Currency Trading – What To Take Into Account As An Investor

A big number of technologies have been developed by the financial services sector over the years to help customers with a wide range of jobs and transactions. The financial technology industry is one of the most rapidly expanding in the world. When compared to typical financial services, this one offers more comfort and security. There … Read more

The pandemic changed the payments game but not in the way you think

The past two years have represented a seismic shift in the patterns of both our working and personal lives. The pandemic has impacted many aspects of our lives and accelerated pre-existing trends in how people work, consume and live. For businesses in particular the pandemic was touted as the beginning of a payments revolution, shifting … Read more